Information for Potential Speakers

I have been coordinating the Research Seminars in the Department of Automatic Control and Systems Engineering (ACSE) since September 2017. Here is some useful information for potential speakers.

Time: Seminars are usually scheduled on Wednesdays (2:00PM-3:00PM) during teaching semesters. The presentation is normally 40-50 min long and followed by 5-10 min Q&A.

The date and time could be flexible. We usually have one seminar at most for one week, so please avoid those weeks that already have seminars scheduled. The scheduled seminars are listed below.

Unless otherwise stated or the speaker has other plans, the speaker is advised to arrive at the department around 11:30AM on the seminar day. We will go to have lunch and then go to the seminar room together. If you would like to me to arrange a meeting with any specific academic in our department, please let me know in advance.

Venue: The seminars are usually held in LT 2, Sir Henry Stephenson Building, University of Sheffield. The seminar room has been booked for Wednesdays (2:00PM-3:00PM) throughout the entire semesters.

Audience: Most of the audience are graduate students including MSC and PhD students. Some academic members will also come if they are interested in the topic. The topic of the talk could be any one related to automatic control or systems engineering.

Expenses: The expenses of travel and lunch will be covered by the department. Please fill out and sign this claim form, and leave all the receipts to me.

My office: Room C07c, Amy Johnson Building, Mappin Street, Sheffield, S1 3JD, UK

Administration: The seminars are usually announced one week before the seminar dates by Ms Renata Ashton.

Future Seminars

 03/05/2018 Dr Cunjia Liu
 Loughborough University
 16/05/2018 Dr Jianglin Lan
 University of Sheffield
 22/06/2018Professor Nidhal Carla BouaynayaRowan University, USA

Previous Seminars

  25/04/2018  Dr Bernd Schulze  University of Lancaster Scene Analysis and Parallel Drawings
 06/04/2018Dr Chang-Hun Lee   Cranfield University Data Analytics for Fault Record Data to Improve Airline Maintenance Operations
  26/01/2018 Dr Simon Rohou ENSTA Bretagne, France Reliable robot localization: A constraint programming approach over dynamical systems
  24/01/2018 Professor Keith L ClarkImperial College Multi-Robot Control: Remote and Augmented Perception using Communication
13/12/2017Dr Andrew WynnImperial College LondonHow to obtain scaling laws in fluid mechanics using computational optimization
29/11/2017Dr Frank ZeydaUniversity of YorkVerification of FMI Cosimulations
23/11/2017Dr Manon KokUniversity of CambridgeGaussian processes to model magnetic fields and for probabilistic line searches
16/11/2017Dr He WangUniversity of LeedsCrowds: A Living Creature to Simulate and Manage
11/10/2017Dr Anthony NixonLancaster UniversityRigidity of Constrained Frameworks
27/09/2017Professor Zhengtao DingUniversity of ManchesterConsensus-Based Distributed Optimization with Application to Power Systems
21/09/2017Professor Luigi Vincenzo ManciniSapienza University of Rome (Italy)
AHEAD: A New Architecture for Active Defense
12/09/2017Professor Hao Ye
Tsinghua University (China)
Real time fault detection of dynamic systems - from signal processing based methods to data driven methods

More previous seminars can be found here.